Sunday, August 17, 2008

The Farmer in the Dell and the Boys in the Market

We went to the Farmer's Market, which wasn't much more than a couple of vendors selling some fabulous zucchini, potatoes and a couple of handicrafts. One of the crafts worth mentioning from the Deer Lodge Farmer's Market were these really cool bags. We were told by the vendor and then later by the boys themselves, that the boys made them. Their secret, even though they freely offered, will be kept safe with us.

The bags are wonderful, what a neat way to present something to a loved one. They are at once creative expositions for what can be done with a piece of scrap material and a plain paper bag on a lonely street in Deer Lodge Montana. It'll keep them ON the a good way.

I will always remember the man who told us "I hope your truck doesn't get fixed too soon, so you get to stay a while here in Deer Lodge." Well, the time spent here so far has been pretty good, save for one probably racist waitress. But let's not spoil the time we had here with bad feelings. You know she had bad feelings for us, but I feel that in this case, just because she doesn't like us, wasn't reason for us to dislike her. Why give her reasoning credibility?

Buy her a bag and keep them boys on the street. So if you're ever in Deer Lodge, MT on a Sunday Morning, head on over to the Farmer's Market on Main Street. You can't miss it, it's the only place you'll find a bunch of boys sittin on the a good way.


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