Friday, January 02, 2009

A closet full of good intentions

A dear old friend had a house full of cupboards, closets, trunks, bags--all full of "useless" stuff. She had about 50 coffee cups, literally pounds of styrofoam containers, and enough food to feed a family through a rough winter, even though she lived alone.

She may have had a rough side, a sharp side, but we never saw it. And then just recently, someone said of her dearly departed friend, "every time I helped her, she paid me back two or three times what I gave her."

And now, the full cupboards, the stuffed closets, all of the extra stuff, it makes sense now. She had a wealth of gifts to give, if only you would make the offer.

Hers was a house-full of good intentions.

Thanks Lena, I got the lesson if very few else did.


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