Sunday, September 26, 2004

Directions to where I'm coming from

There are seven sacred directions. Of course most people know north, south, east and west. We all draw specific strengths from each direction. Most don't think of down as a direction; however, the earth is sacred and it gives us all the physical gifts we will need to survive. Most also tend to forget up as a direction. The creator, by whatever name you call it, is all-present but most of us consider the creator best found when looking up. I am given a great deal of spiritual strengths from above: faith, courage, humility.
So, if you're still with me, then you are wondering where the 7th direction is. It is a sacred direction and it is unique to every person. Every person will find the 7th direction in a different way.
When the creator created the world, he also created the greatest gift of all. There is a greater story behind it, but I feel like many others, it is best learned from someone who will tell you the story; I won't be telling the story here; however, I will tell you this. The greatest gift given by the Creator is your soul. It is hidden inside of each of us. That is the 7th sacred direction.
Your soul is the 7th sacred direction. When you find it, you find how to relate to others. You find how to express yourself. You find your own voice in your soul. It is my personal belief that there is a child-likeness of each of us in that place. When we speak to each other, we speak from the point of view of a 5-year-old.
This may not be accurate, all that is written here, but it's the truth as seen through the humble eyes of the 5-year old in myself. He's learned cuss words, he's learned every emotion and how to work them on you to get what he wants; he's learned about good things and bad things. It's not the greatest story in the world. It's just the greatest story for the moment. You should know that.
We all have lived in a moment when we just wanted to tell someone something and it wasn't that great. But it became important when we became important. We became important when someone listened....not the greatest truth, but it's one I've learned.
As usual..........Hadji