Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Cool Beans!

Many of my associates, and friends have received a reply from me that goes like this when things work out as planned or in a beneficial way:

Cool Beans!

I thought I was the only one, obviously, I was wrong. This evil mythical monster reared its head in Bellingham, WA and I snapped a picture before it disappeared. I can promise all of you who have previously received the "cool beans" replies, I did not copy, I simply said what came to a gleeful mind in the happy moment, and for that, I apologize to the espresso stand owner. I didn't know.

And if you will oblige, I will forward all relevant emails from 1995 forward that contain the signature reply.

I said it first and once again, I should have copyrighted it...write that down...

Do you?

I never watched a sunset I couldn't see, but then I never tried

I never heard of an Indian playing round drum songs too loudly on Chuckanut Drive, but I know it's true

I never heard Slade say he would have saved Custer, but I know he wishes he did

I never hugged a human I didn't love--maybe I should have

I never thought then Slade would get hugged too, so I won't

I never kept up with enough friends, so here's to you

I never told a lie I didn't mean - have you?

I never thought a revolution would recruit me - did you?

I never heard sun tzu, but I believe every word he spoke - do you?

I never told horrible stories that people read to the end - will you?