Friday, April 08, 2005

Long Road Home

I know, I know...its been a long time since I posted.
Well, I left South Dakota, drove through Montana and stayed in Yakima, WA for a while and ended up in Worley, Idaho. Its been a long road here. 17 years now since I have started this path.
How many of us can say they have walked a path for 17 years? Those who have 17 years of sobriety, my hat's off to ya. If you have 17 years of anniversaries under your roof, blessings on ya. If you have lived only 17 years, be patient, it gets better.
If you have wandered aimlessly looking for that cool path you started 17 years ago, then we are in the same place. There are more details that will follow trust me, "Details at 11."
I am back on a really cool path that I lost a long time ago. It's nice to be walking in familiar territory...and the company's not bad either!
As the time progresses, and believe me it does progress if not slowly at times, the answers to questions you didn't know existed will become evident.
For now, there's a couple of five-year-old spirits who are dancing in the yard of life with a couple of big ol grins.
Can't wait for you to meet them.